Prayer List


Kendra Baker and family, Lori Brewer, Julia’s Brother-in-law, Cindy Talbert, George Bell, Chloe Morris, Claudia Morris, Geneva Lewsader, Ken Baker, Darrell Bowers, Charla Crisp, Ted Osborn, Patti Coffing, Sally Gritten, Melanie & Steve Talbert, Taryn Shields, Darlene Holycross, Traveling Graces, Pray for our Country, Special Conference of the Methodist Church


Happy Birthday to Adrianna, Brent, and Carli on their 16th Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to Quinn Parrish on her 2nd birthday!!

Loss of Loved Onesv

Family of Gary Rahm


Caleb Orahood, Paige Thorsnborough, Lauren Bierl,  Adam Randles,   Gage Hegg,  Haley Hines,  Brian Banks,  Elizabeth Ireland,  Jason Merryman,  Aaron Shumaker,  Justin  Tuggle,  Alex Engle,  Nathan Allen, Matt Commons,  Michael Commons, Michael Montgomery, Logan Butler

Long Term Illness  

Melanie Talbert, Steve Dice, Pam Messick, Sharon Smith Price, Mandy Stanton

Nursing Home or Long Term Health Facility

Bill Elliot,   Mary Lou Carpenter ,  Marge Glover,    Alison Franklin,  Margaret Brant,  Lola Simmerman, 

Our Leaders

Bishop Trimble,  District Superintendent John Groves and associate DS John Davis,  United Methodist Church, Pastor Christy and Mike and  Sammy,  The Indiana Conference – West District,   President Trump,  Our Senators & Representatives, Our Country, Our men & women in the armed services