Prayer List


Mike Bennett, Bill Trimble, Brier Family, RSV babies & Sr. Citizens, Kay Strawser, Mark & Ashleigh Dice and baby, Norenburg Family, Monique, Roger Coffing, Steve Warren, Ken Baker, Bruce Gee, Kyle Crisp girlfriend Katie, Herschel’s Great-Grandson, Families of the Delphi girls, Linda Kirkpatrick, Jeff Strawser, George Bell, Steve Bennett, Mark Coffing, Mike Bennett, Luke Noggle, Animal Shelters, Alaina Cotten, Galen Everhardt, Joe Davan, Lori Brewer, Students and teachers returning to school, Politicians to have listening ears, Jacob Wright, Emily Hohenstein, Susan Coffing, Linda Thomas, Gadine Acton, Covid victims, Jarred, Dianne, and John Cotten, United Methodist Denomination, World Events, Students & Staff of Robb Elementary, Residents of Uvalde, Texas, Neighbors of Pastor Christy and Mike, Sally Gritten, Avett Sullivan & family, People of Ukraine, Ari Randles, Corbin Butts & family, Pray for our Country, Special Conference of the Methodist Church


Happy to hear the good news that Cindy Talbert is cancer free.

Thank you to Becki and Ken Baker for leading a successful Rummage Sale!!

Congratulations to Patti and Roger Coffing on the birth of another

Congratulations to Kay and Jeff Strawser on their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Congratulations to the Class of 2022 graduates.

Congratulations to Cindy Paeth on the birth of her granddaughter Lettie.

Congratulations to Sammy and mom and dad on catching 8 Trout on their fishing trip.

Congratulations to Brooke Coffing on her graduation from St. Mary of the Woods College.

Congratulations to Matthew Bowers and Michelle Abernathy on their
Wedding and prayers as they begin their life together.

Congratulations to Faith Barnes and Luke Taylor on their Wedding and prayers as they begin their life together

Congratulations to Todd Gee on his promotion and new position
at Indiana Brick..


Family of Richard Jones and Jeff Wesley


Caleb Orahood, Paige Thorsnborough, Lauren Bierl,  Adam Randles, 

Long Term Illness  

Tina Holmes, Pam Kent Messick, Sharon Smith Price, Taryn Shields, Steve Bennett, Susan Coffing, Suzy Strawser

Our Leaders

Bishop Trimble,  District Superintendent Dr. Aleze Fulbright and associate DS Rev. Beth Watson,  United Methodist Church, Pastor Christy and Mike and  Sammy,  The Indiana Conference – West District,   President Biden,  Our Senators & Representatives, Our Country, Our men & women in the armed services and First Responders