Prayer List


Prayers for our Nation and newly elected officials

Rick Randles, Darrell Bowers, Corbin and Russell Butts & family, Katie Morrison, Campell and Jess White- house fire, Richard Holycross, Pastor Tom Bennett & Pam, Ari Randles, Danny Riley, Parke County Sheriff Deputy Chris McCann and family, Dan Crisp, Jason and Ashlie Grissom, Leann Parrish, Susan Coffing, Patti Coffing, Roger Coffing, Ken Baker, Marty Hodge, Suzy Strawser, Susie Gallagher, Pastor Ken Green, Lori Brewer, Jake Gritten, Bruce Gee, George Bell, John Cotten, Joe Davan and Debbie, Sally Gritten, Steve Bennett, Kendra Baker McClure and family, Steve and Melanie Talbert, Traveling Graces for Pastor and family, School during Coid-19, Pray for our Country, Special Conference of the Methodist Church, Afganistan people and government


Congratulations to Katie Gritten Blaydes on her promotion.

The Cookie Walk was a great success! Thanks to everyone who helped. Leftover cookies were given to the Food Pantry.

Congratulations to Haley Isom on her new job and residence in
Chicago, Illinois

Congratulations to Codie and Linley Brewer on the birth of their
son Granger Eli. Scot and Lori Brewer are the proud grandparents.

Congratulations to Tom and Jan McGurk on celebrating their
51st Wedding Anniversary.

The Church picnic was well attended at the Covington City Park in
the Big Pavillion with 35 in attendance. Everyone enjoyed the delicious food, games, and trips to the park playround.

The Rummage Sale was a great success. Thanks to everyone who purchased, brought in items for sale, and worked the sale. Special thanks to Becky and Ken Baker and Lilly for the great job they did in heading up the sale.


Family of Lowell Jarvis, Terry Holland, Caroline Pridemore, and Jim Hudson


Jason Grissom, Caleb Orahood, Paige Thorsnborough, Lauren Bierl,  Adam Randles,   Gage Hegg,  Haley Hines,  Brian Banks,  Elizabeth Ireland,  Jason Merryman,  Aaron Shumaker,  Justin  Tuggle,  Alex Engle,   Matt Commons,  Michael Commons, Michael Montgomery, Logan Butler

Long Term Illness  

Tina Holmes, Melanie Talbert, Pam Kent Messick, Sharon Smith Price, Taryn Shields, Steve Bennett

Our Leaders

Bishop Trimble,  District Superintendent Dr. Aleze Fulbright and associate DS Rev. Beth Watson,  United Methodist Church, Pastor Christy and Mike and  Sammy,  The Indiana Conference – West District,   President Biden,  Our Senators & Representatives, Our Country, Our men & women in the armed services and First Responders